Woman Gets Bible in Playstation Box

A woman who had purchased a Playstation 4 for her boyfriend for Christmas reported that inside the box were 2 bibles in lieu of the PS4. Sandra Ortiz purchased the PS4 from her California Target store and upon the present being opened discovered that instead of a game console it was in fact 2 bibles.

Thieves have been stealing consoles out of their boxes and displacing the weight with various objects, among them are Bibles. Ms. Ortiz stated, “I felt like, you know, I just ruined Christmas for him and everybody else. He said he didn’t want the Bibles unless they were signed by Jesus himself.”

God has a way of doing things to get our attention, and though this seems like a simple bait and switch technique for thieves I would like to think that maybe the Lord wanted to tell them something.

Target did allow her to make the exchange and did comment that this had happened before at their store.

I’d like to believe that God felt they needed a “pray-station” over a Playstation.

-story referenced from christianheadlines.com

Drew Koehler

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