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Buy, Rent, or Wait: December 2021

By Juliana Purnell | December 2, 2021

GUG’s film critics take a look at the films releasing in December and make wild assumptions as to whether they’ll be worth a watch.

Interview – Max McLean – Founder of the Fellowship for Performing Arts and Writer of The Most Reluctant Convert

By Tyler Hummel | November 24, 2021

Christian actor and playwright, Max McLean, details the filmmaking process surrounding The Most Reluctant Convert, adapting not only a stage play to screen, but also to the problems involved in working through a pandemic.

Buy, Rent, or Wait: November 2021

By Juliana Purnell | November 2, 2021

GUG’s film critics check out the upcoming movie releases for November and wildly predict whether they’re worth a Buy, Rent or Wait!