7 Things I Want In Left Behind 2

Not to spoil anything for those of you who have yet to see the new film (Read the review HERE) but, I already know what I want to see in Left Behind 2. As of current writing, the cast members have signed on for two more sequels besides Nicolas Cage (not sure if that will change). If you haven’t seen the new movie then turn back now as I am going to spoil parts of the first film. You have been warned.
1. Keep the story aligned with the novel.
Left Behind, the book, was a best seller for a reason and that is because of the story. While I do understand the idea of keeping the focus on the actual Rapture and changing the pretty anti-climatic plane ride in the book to become a thriller but… let’s stick to the source material. The rest of the novel, outside of some cheesy dialogue, is amazing. It has you glued to your seat and you really get to know Rayford, Buck, Chloe, and Pastor Barnes. Developing these characters is key. I already know that there is no way this series of movies is carrying us until the Glorious Appearing as there are far too many books but, let’s at least nail the first few books as they are all really good. I believe by the end of a 4th film we can have the Antichrist killed and resurrected but maybe that is the optimistic part of me.
2. Lengthen the film to cover all of the important details of the novel(s).
I do like how the new reboot actually went beyond the hour and a half run time of the previous trilogies films. However, any film from here on out will need to be at least two hours. I know any potential sequels will not be able to do everything in the books. However, this is not an excuse to miss ninety percent of the good stuff like the old trilogy did.
3. Less CGI and more real action.
The CGI was uneven in Left Behind. The plane in the sky worked well and I did not have trouble believing the fuel leakage however, the smaller plane that crashed into Chloe’s car was cable television bad. They did a good job with using a real plane but that wasn’t until after you saw a CGI version of it landing in the parking lot. I understand being on a budget. Just use all the tricks in the book to work within it. Cloverfield is a great example of a disaster type film that made a city look under attack but on a budget. Granted they had ten million more to work on but, I believed every CGI shot used because of the tricks they used.
4. Have someone else pick the soundtrack.
I don’t know who picked the soundtrack in the first film but… It. Was. Awful. By far the worst part and needs to be changed in the DVD/Blu-Ray release of the film. In the future let’s actually use the appropriate music. Hearing cliché cheesy stock music in the beginning of the film set the wrong tone. Speaking of the beginning of the film…
5. Never do another scene like the woman in the airport beating the Bible on Buck.
This scene was right at the beginning as you may recall and had me take off my glasses so I did not have to watch. Talk about every fear of mine coming true about Left Behind. This whole scene never needed to happen. Unfortunately, I can’t imagine them cutting it out since it is brought up in later dialogue that can’t be cut out either. Irene Steele was the other super cheesy part of this film so thank God that He Raptured her. You can be more subtle with how to present the message. Story first, message second. I find it hard bringing non saved people to see this when scenes like this exist.
6. Show us the world wide impact of the Rapture.
Ok, Nicolas Cage landed the plane. Chloe and Buck have a thing for each other. Now let’s get into New York and see what has happened. I want news reports of what is happening across the world and how everyone is seeking answers. I want Buck to do his investigative journalism and talk to a bunch of people for GWN (the news network he works for in the film) and hear all the different theories. Let us really feel like the entire world has just been sucker punched.
7. Nicolas Cage needs to interact with more people and not fake interest in what is going on.
Ninety percent of his time is in the cock pit. Get him out of there and interacting with people. Let him have a crazy melt down because his wife and son are gone. Heck, have him put a gun in his mouth to debate suicide. Just let Cage be Cage minus language. Just don’t have him act like bees are stinging his eyes…
Side Note – This doesn’t have to do with the actual sequel as much as it does the marketing. Do not quote satan. This was ridiculous and I saw it mocked by a few movie reviewers, as it should be. The picture below is exactly what I am referring to. Stick to quotes that were actually spoken by people who have seen the film or are involved. This image is the kind of stuff that does not help promote the film to non Christians.


What do you think? Is there something else they should do in the (hopefully) inevitable sequel?

Wesley Wood

Wesley Wood is an aspiring film director. He would love to make GOOD films to help spread God's word and help Christians grow.


  1. Jennifer Pruitt on October 11, 2014 at 9:03 pm

    First I want to say is that I have not seen the reboot but I do have some complaints about what I do know. They should have picked up where the original trilogy left off with Book 3 instead of starting over. Also, the focus on the first few hours after the rapture was not the right thing to do. And NO Nicolae (that I know of)? The end of the first book showed Nicolae’s true colors. They may make some reference to him killing his mentors this time. Two, two and a half hours tops for each movie here on out. If done right, the producers could retain 85-90% of the material from the books. And some of the books could be combined (like books 6&7) into one movie. Writing a book about the Rapture and Tribulation and making it biblically accurate is very difficulties due to interpretation. Things like the Mark of the Beast and characters like the AntiChrist, things like that are difficult. But I found the books very well written and some creative license was used. Future movies should be more of a visual version of these books.

    • Wesley Wood on October 14, 2014 at 7:42 pm

      Once you see the reboot then your stance will change. While I do not foresee them getting to the Glorious Appearing with the films, the reboot does a much better job showing the rapture.

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