GUG Treasure Hunters: The Walking Dead

Well, we survived the season finale of The Walking Dead (barely) and we’ve been waiting “patiently” for the promised spin-off. Rumors are flying that Fear The Walking Dead is supposed to be premiering on June 12, 2015, but there has been no official date released by AMC. That could mean that we will have to survive until August to get another undead fix and that is just unacceptable. Whenever the  spinoff finally airs, it’s a definite that we still have to wait until October before we’re reunited with Rick and the gang and find out what happens to them next. Fortunately for us, there is a whole world of The Walking Dead-related merchandise that we can use to fill the void until the fall.

Survival Gear

A big part of surviving the zombie apocalypse is making sure you’re rocking the right look. I’m pretty sure that also applies to surviving the summer hiatus. Whether hunting walkers or relaxing after a supply run, here’s what you’re going to need:


chucks     hightops
Footwear is important and can mean the difference between a successful getaway and becoming dinner… or you could just wear these because they’re awesome!


 Walker shirt               91bgTRs5m8L._UL1500_          Fight shirt
Depending on your personal tastes, you could always satisfy your cravings with a walker shirt, Daryl’s vest, or some friendly advice on surviving.


 41S7QBVGSiL._SY445_                               51twOgiXrtL._SX342_
Whether relaxing after a long day or curling up on the couch to binge watch old episodes, the appropriate attire will only enhance the experience. After all, the only thing better than 12 straight hours of emotional trauma at the hands of The Walking Dead is a Rick Grimes bath robe and zombie slippers!

Just For Fun

The Walking Dead may not exactly be kid-friendly, but that doesn’t mean we can’t still play with toys. After all, what better way to pass those long hours waiting for season 6 than re-enacting Michonne’s encounter with the Governor’s daughter or driving Daryl around on his hog? Here are a few things to help you pass the time.
51Gdzba5Z9L._SY300_                    Daryl set
What’s even better than Legos? The Walking Dead building sets! Whether it’s the Governor and Penny, or Daryl and a random walker, these figures are awesome. With multiple sets, you can even re-build the prison just in time for the Governor to attack all over again.


 Funko Hershel        Funko Michonne   Funko Daryl
They’re not dolls, they’re action figures. Actually, they’re not even action figures, but they are adorable! Funko makes the entire cast in adorable miniature and, for those of you who like to cuddle, they even make them in plushies!


 Yahtzee                    Trivia game
Having to wait through the entire summer is going to be tough, and sometimes you just can’t do it alone. While you and your fellow fans try to comfort each other, why not play a game? Seriously, the only thing better than game night is zombie game night!

Relive the Experience

In the end, the only thing that can completely fill the void left by a Walking Dead hiatus is… more of The Walking Dead. Fortunately, you can get your fix and relive the experience with videos, books, and games.


TWDSeason1     TWDSeason2     TWDSeason3     season 4

Just imagine not having to wait on the whims of the network to watch your favorite episodes. Owning the box sets gives you the freedom to choose which episodes to watch again and again (and which ones are just too traumatic for your delicate emotional condition right now).


TWDNovel1                    TWDNovel2

If you are wanting the suspense and terror that comes from not knowing what happens next, dig deeper into the world of The Walking Dead with the graphic novel. Since the show has taken Rick and friends down a different path, there may still be new and exciting ways for The Walking Dead to hurt you and leave you weeping in the corner.

TWDTelltale Game          TWDTelltale GameS2          TWDSurvival Instinct

ThinkGeek also has a wonderful selection of several The Walking Dead merchandise that we can “lose our heads” over. The link below will take you directly to everything they have:


For those looking for something with an entirely new story, The Walking Dead video games may be the perfect thing to fill those long, lonely hours until the fall premiere. If you yearn for more Daryl, Survival Instinct covers his experiences leading up to his and Merle’s teaming up with Shane and the others. However, if you’re looking for completely new characters in a game where your decisions determine the story in meaningful ways, the Telltale series of games may be more your thing. Either way, there’s lots of walker-killing fun to be had!

There are plenty of treasures out there, and these are just a few. What Walking Dead treasures have you found? Let us know in the comments, and happy hunting!

GUG Treasure Hunters

Lari and Shawn are geeks that love to scour the interwebs for the greatest merchandise for their favorite games, shows, movies, and other fandoms. Now they are collecting these treasures and giving you their treasure maps!

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