How To Bring Beyond The Mask To Your Local Theater

Is Beyond The Mask not being shown at your local theater? Then why not change that? Doing so is simple. Here is how.


What You Need to Know About Becoming a Theater Captain:

It takes about five minutes and costs nothing – simply choose your theater, date and time!
It’s a unique opportunity to bring a special, God-honoring film event to your community and experience it with them.
At your showing, you will have the option of using a three minute spot before the film to advertise for your organization, or just to chat with your group.
There will be no “previews” with material that is inappropriate for families.

Once your Request Has Been Confirmed:

In 5 – 10 days, you will receive a confirmation email from Gathr (please respond to their email!), and one from us with a custom link to your screening to share with your friends and contacts.
A certain minimum number of tickets must be reserved (generally around 65), for your theater will “go live” or “tip.” This means your event is definitely happening.
If you don’t meet the ticket quota by the deadline, the event will simply be canceled and no one’s credit cards will be charged. No one will be liable for anything.

Special Perks for Theater Captains:

When 12 Tickets Have Been Reserved: You will receive a package with a t-shirt, posters and cards to promote your screening.
When your Theater Tips: You will receive two free tickets to your screening.


Make your showing of Beyond the Mask a special event for your church, your homeschool group, your field trip group, your school, or your state convention!


Book Your screening HERE.
Check out all the resources for Beyond The Mask HERE.
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