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Review: Boyhood

By Josh Hale | January 27, 2015

Introduction Boyhood has quite the premise, and going in I was certainly intrigued by how director Richard Linklater would take his twelve years of filming and edit that all down into one cohesive experience. And yes, for those of you that don’t know, this is a film that was shot over a period of twelve years,…

The Seven Deadly VillSins

By Shawn Bain | January 16, 2015

A century-old teaching in the church that we see in culture today revolves around seven sins we see in the Bible. The idea is that these particular sins are more deadly than others because all other sins derive from these personal afflictions that cause your frame of mind and the way you behave to be…

Movie Night: Family Movies

By Michael Kirksey Jr | December 22, 2014

Have you ever sat in your living room with friends or family, but couldn’t decide what movie to watch? You start scrolling through Netflix, naming any movie that sounds vaguely interesting. Everyone responds to your suggestions with a simple (yet aggravating), “it doesn’t matter to me.” A pain, right? I’m here to help! I’ll recommend…