Sony cancels all releases of “The Interview”

After threats of a “9/11-style attack” on all theaters that release Seth Rogen’s comedy “The Interview” , Sony Pictures Entertainment announced that there will be no release for the film. The comedy’s plot surrounded the idea of Seth Rogen and James Franco’s characters assassinating North Korea’s Kim Jong-un. There are currently no plans of a digital or DVD release for the film either.

While there has been no confirmation, reports say that North Korea was involved with the breach of the studio.

President Barack Obama made an address involving the movie stating “Well, the cyber-attack is very serious. We’re investigating, we’re taking it seriously”. He also went on to recommend that everyone “go to the movies”.

Below is the trailer for Sony Pictures Entertainment’s comedy “The Interview”.

Warning: may contain mature content.


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Michael Kirksey Jr

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  1. Charlie on December 21, 2014 at 6:04 am

    I think perhaps that we can’t really make a good call on their decision since we aren’t in the middle of that situation.

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