The Interview Released Anyway

The controversial film showing a comedic assassination attempt on Kim Jung Un’s Life saw a limited release in theaters and was made available online.

Things have been really up and down with this movie, which in my estimation probably would have come and gone without fanfare had Sony never backed down in the first place. But I digress. After receiving threats from North Korea that attacks would be made against theaters that screened the film, Sony pulled the James Franco/Seth Rogen project from theaters. Immediately, Sony received massive amounts of criticism for backing down in the face of the threats.On the 23rd, Sony announced that it would be giving The Interview a limited, theatrical, Christmas day release. The film would be shown on 300 screens, rather than the originally planned 3,000. That cut makes it pretty unlikely that this has all been some sort of marketing stunt. On Christmas Eve, Sony made the film available to rent or own on Youtube, Google Play, and Xbox Live. They also had a website just for the film,, according to Polygon (citing TorrentFreak), the Interview has been torrented over 750,000 times. TorrentFreak says that this is in part because Sony has not made the movie available for international audiences. While I have not seen the movie myself, I expect that this has all been a big hulabaloo over a film that isn’t even that funny. Were it not for the target of the film’s jokes, it most likely would have made a moderate amount of money as a Franco/Rogen collaboration and been in and out of theaters. Now it’s become a PR nightmare for Sony and become a bit of a referendum on censorship. But now that it has been released, it’s all over. Hopefully.

 Images courtesy of screenrant, indiewire, and /u/slaArom

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