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If you’re sick, if you’re sick, if you’re sick, if you’re SICK OF IT!


Yeah, you’ve probably heard that by now, even if you weren’t looking for it. But hey, it’s Skillet! And they’ve brought us something almost totally new with their latest Album: RISE.

If you listen to any Christian Rock Station (or even secular station) you’ve probably heard Skillet’s new “American Noise” or “Sick of it” or even the encouraging “Not Gonna Die”, and you’re used to hearing them everywhere since the smash hits “Hero” and “Monster”.

But that was the past, and since they’re awake, it’s time for them to RISE.

Set in a world full of fear, hate, and sin, an ordinary teenager going through all that this world can hit her with, and eventually realizes that she can’t go through it alone, she turns to God and a spiritual journey begins. This is the theme for RISE, and every song is based on that theme in some way. And for the message, we get something much better than the one in the previous album! Each song sounds more the way it should, and we even get a worship song (but it still is rock!)  Song list?  Well, here you go!

Rise- A song about all that is wrong with the world and how we as Christians need to rise above it all. “In a world gone mad (in a place so sad) sometimes it’s crazy to fight for what you Believe. But you can’t give up (No!) if you want to keep what you love”

Sick of ItThis song deals with all things to be sick of. Addiction, abuse, pain, whatever. The moral of the song is to give your problems to Jesus and he will set you free (quoting John Cooper from performing the song live). “When everything you do don’t seem to matter, you try but it’s no use your world is getting blacker”

Good to be Alive- A song about how God is a second chance for us and how it is good to be alive. “When all you’ve got are broken dreams, just need a second chance, and everything you want to be gets taken from your hands. We hold on to each other, all we have is all we need, ’cause one way or another, we always make it You and me”

Not Gonna Die- A very encouraging song about not letting this world kill you. The song’s message is very good “Break their hold, ’cause I won’t be controlled. They can’t keep their chains on me when the truth has set me free! This is how it feels when you take your life back. This is how it feels when you finally fight back, when life pushes me I push harder, what doesn’t kill me makes me stronger. The last thing I heard was you whispering goodbye, and then I heard you flatline. NO! Not gonna die tonight we’re gonna stand and fight forever (don’t close your eyes) NO! Not gonna die tonight we’re gonna fight for us together, no we’re not gonna die tonight”

Circus for a Psycho- A song about how a life of sin is, well, a circus for a psycho! This song is basically a 4 minute 31 second guitar solo. Seth is shredding the mess out of it! “Killing me slow but I ain’t ready to die. Tonight, get ready for a fight, so now you know it’s time to ride a circus for a psycho!”

American Noise- A song about God breaking through all the bad things in the world. When I heard this song live, the one thing I remember most is John saying that Jesus is the only person in the world who will not let you down, and to let His love cut through the American Noise . “La da da da, lift up your voice, let love cut through the American Noise!” “No matter who you are, you’ve gotta voice! Why don’t you use it, sing your own song! Take all the noise and make it into music!”

Madness in Me- A similar message to “Sometimes” and “Monster”. “Got to get away from the fire that burns inside consuming, I’d like to stay alive but I can’t breathe. The voices scream, the enemy takes over everything, this is the madness in me”

Salvation- A song about how Jesus is our Salvation and He is keeping us alive and our love will never die. The intro is the verse in Isaiah about how He was beaten. “I feel you keeping me alive, You are my Salvation! Touch You, taste You, feel You here oh, oh, yeah, yeah! Our love will never die, You are my Salvation! Hold me, heal me, keep me near, oh, oh, yeah, yeah! My heart will burn for You, it’s all I can do”

Fire and Fury- A song about God and burning for Him. “Every brick and every stone of the world we made will come undone if I, if I can feel You here with me, oh, woah oh waoh. In my sleep, I call Your name, but when I wake need to touch Your face ’cause I, I need to feel You here with me, oh, woah oh waoh. You can stop the aching, ’cause Your the One I need! I will burn, I will burn for You, with fire and fury, fire and fury. My heart hurts, my heart hurts for You. Your love burns within me, with fire and fury”

My Religion- A song about how God is our Religion! There’s even part of “Amazing Grace” in here! “Who’s gonna save my Soul, nothing and nobody but You” “Who can drive my demons away, nothing makes me feel like You do”

Hard to Find- A song about how God gives you faith when it is hard to find. “Turned on the TV yesterday, so much pain bleeding through, I had to look away. But inside me the pictures just the same, and every time I open up my eyes, nothing seems to change, it never seems to change. You give me faith! To believe there’s a way ! To put the past finally behind me and hope to make it through another night. You give me strength! During these dark times, when I’m blind, You are my light, when faith is hard to find” “If I fall will You hold on to me, through it all promise You won’t lose me. These days hope is hard to come by and tonight I don’t know how I can survive”

What I Believe- A song about how Jesus found John when he was broken and made him whole again and how He is what John believes. “You are What I Believe! I’ll live and die for You! This is all that I need! When nothing is real You are my Truth! In the darkness, You shine! Can You keep me safe tonight! When I’m down on my knees You are What I Believe!” “Believe in Your love, believe in Your life, believe that You can put me back together on the inside. Chase all the fear away every time I speak Your Name”

Battle Cry*- A song about not giving up and that God will see us through. “I believe we can’t lose, even mountains will move! It’s my faith, it’s my life, this is our battle cry! They can’t take us down, if we stand our ground! If we live, if we die, we will shout out our battle cry”

Everything Goes Black*- A song about when we run from God and how bad it is. “Whenever You’re gone away, the darkness hides the day, whenever You’re gone, the bleeding won’t stop, it hurts ’til You come back, everything goes black”

Freakshow*- A song about how Christians will be freaks and will not conform. “We will not conform to the masses, whether they scorn or whether they attack us!” “Welcome to the freakshow, this is where the freaks go! This is the place that they can never take away! Welcome to the freakshow, we don’t ever need no one to tell us who to be, how to think, I don’t care what they believe”

[*Exclusive to Deluxe Edition]

The message in this album is very encouraging and good. Also there are many intro’s to the next song that make everything cool. While some may not like the change in sound from Awake to RISE, I found it very enjoyable.The deluxe edition also includes a Concert  DVD with an amazing message about God loving us. It also contains “The Making of RISE” and “Heart and Passion” by Billy Graham. Great bonus along with the songs!

If you get a little extra cash, go ahead and pick this up.

The Bottom Line

A great album that is an improvement in sound and message from Awake. Go ahead! Pick up the deluxe edition!


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  1. TheRonin777 on January 20, 2015 at 2:50 am

    Amazing album. Looking forward to seeing them for my 3rd time, AND meeting them at WinterJam

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