Artist Spotlight: Har Megiddo

I recently had the privilege to interview via e-mail one of my favorite EDM artists, Har Megiddo.  His real name is Tommy Murfee, and is a real cool guy.  He’s doing his thing as a DJ/producer traveling to Europe, the states and other places to bring the gospel through banging beats and some heavy dubstep.  Check out the interview below, and find out where you can get his music as well:

Geeks Under Grace: So, for those that have never heard of you, what do you do, why
do you do it, and what does your name Har Megiddo even mean?

I am an Electronic Dance Music Artist who produces and DJs all over the world. I want my music to touch the souls of those that listen. I want people to feel the life and light that has been put inside me. My name, Har Megiddo, means Armageddon in Hebrew. I make intense music so I wanted an intense name.


GUG:  What drew you to the EDM genre?  Were you into the club scene
before or anything like that?

Nope, never in the club scene. I have played electric guitar in bands all my life. I was leading a two hour prayer/worship set for my church with my wife on acoustic guitar and my hands hurt like crap so I decided to start using loops and pads in our set. I got more and more into electronic music. From there, God just started opening doors, working with incredible artists and touring the world.

GUG:  What have you seen God do through some of your performances,
like testimonies that people have shared or maybe something
supernatural that happened?

My performances are extremely high energy. I can guarantee you will be sweating by the end of my shows. Haha! My desire is to see a generation dance like King David, Undignified.


GUG:  Where do you see the genre heading, especially CEDM in particular?

I’m not sure. All I can do is create inspiring music that will draw people to search for something more than this life can offer.


GUG:  Any advice for Christians interested in creating electronic/EDM
music?  Tips on overcoming certain obstacles that they may encounter?

Hard work. Bottom line, if you want to be good at anything, there is no easy way in life. All success and excellence requires time and hard work. You will also need a software program like Logic or Ableton and synth plugins. My personal favorite plugins are:






All Universal Audio Plugins

GUG:  Ok, now for the fun questions!  We are a geeky website, so what
would you consider your favorite movie?

I love funny movies. I would have to say Monty Python and the Holy Grail.

GUG:  Favorite Video Game?

Fifa Soccer on any console.

GUG:  What technology can you not live without at the moment?

My Macbook pro. That is how I create everything. 🙂

GUG: So, our last question.  What’s on Har’s radar for the present and
coming future in regards to shows, new music, colabs, or new projects?

Right now I am currently working on a new album that should be out in 2015 sometime. I am about to do a show at Penn State University at the end of August 2014. I have a bunch of travel coming up to record different artists that I am working with for this new album! I am flying to Los Angeles in September 2014 to record some tunes with Michael Ketterer from the United Pursuit Band.

GUG:  Thank you very much!  It was a pleasure and honor to interview
you.  God bless you, and I pray that God continue to use you wherever
you go to bring His light and salvation through your music.

You can purchase Har Megiddo’s newest album on Amazon, Ghost King.

Connect with him on:


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  1. Jon Hill on August 25, 2014 at 9:33 pm

    Har Megiddo always lays down the heavy beats! I love seeing Christian DJs and dance music on the site… hopefully we can see more soon!

    • Michael M. on August 28, 2014 at 10:11 pm

      Yeah! If anyone else is reading this, and you enjoy a certain EDM artist, let us know so we can get them interviewed (preferably a Christian artist).

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