Kristen May Leaves Flyleaf

Flyleaf’s lead singer, Kristen May, announced on Monday, August 15th her decision to depart from the band. She made the announcement via a video uploaded to her personal Facebook page. As for the band, they have yet to make an official statement about May’s departure, or if they will continue with a new vocalist.
Kristen May mentioned a few reasons as to why she decided to step down, including that she will be devoting her time to her family, namely her husband and their son. Also, because she feels as though this is where God is leading her. May goes on to state that another reason that led to her departure was because she never felt like she fit into the band. Kristen joined Flyleaf in 2012, replacing the band’s original lead singer, Lacey Sturm. 
The bright side to all of this, for fans of Flyleaf and Kristen May, is that she stated in her departure video that she absolutely plans to continue to make music in the future… just not as a part of Flyleaf. This is obviously a decision that she did not make lightly, simply stating that it’s time for her to move on because she needs to grow and move elsewhere.
She was deeply appreciative to all the fans of what Flyleaf had done while she was their front woman. May is featured on the band’s most recent full-length album, Between the Stars, which was released in 2014.

Vince Chapman

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