Review: Disciple: Attack

Ever since the 90s, Disciple has been rocking teens and adults (and maybe even some little babies!) with their smashing sound and in-your-face lyrics. But they’re not just rocking folks, they’re spreading the message of Jesus Christ through their music, and they don’t mess around. While the popular thing among Christian Music labels is to numb the lyrics to increase sales (and spread the Gospel) by reaching multiple markets, Disciple created their latest album independently, freeing them from the shackles of  record labels, and they gave it their ALL. While other bands often bring forth an encouraging Christian message, Disciple’s latest album, Attack, gives the message you soul wants to hear.

The first track, “Radical,” sets the standard for the whole album, with lyrics like “Never ashamed of the name of Jesus / Yeah, we want the whole world to see us / See, He’s alive / Burning in our hearts / Offering mercy with outstretched arms” “Not just my mouth / But let my hands speak the glory of God.” 

With a sound that’s heavy and unique, Disciple delivers an album like the ones they did in the 90’s, so be prepared to rock your face off with songs like the previously mentioned “Radical” and others like “The Name,” which describes complete and shameless dedication to Jesus as the heaviest song on the album.

“Jesus, Jesus how I trust Him / How I have proven Him over and over / I will not bow my knee to any other God but You / The One I live and I die for / Immanuel, God with us / Prince of Peace, Jesus / I will not be afraid to speak Your name / I don’t care if they drag me off in chains / No power from hell can shake my faith (not afraid to speak Your name) / This body will starve / These bones will break / But as long as I’ve got the lungs to breath / I will not be afraid to speak Your name”  “You gave it all and I will like to give it all back to You”.

I was very impressed with the pure dedication these lyrics promote, as well as how amazing and talented the band that wrote them really is. Nothing here seems like it’s being held back at all, and everything either points toward Heaven with desire or toward hell with rage against it. And it’s not just Metal. There are a few songs that may not be absolute throw-down head-bangin’ music, but they deliver the same message and presence as the heavier stuff. That’s right. I said presence. God inhabits the praise of His people, and He can definitely be felt here. While Disciple has never presented a weak message, the name of Jesus is mentioned here much more than in recent albums. So forget “You are amazing” style lyrics, and check out these bold lyrics that raise the standard for Christian music. To show you how clear their message is, someone I know almost can’t stand most Christian Metal, but she promotes this album because she admits that they are glorifying God in it.  So if you worship by screaming and head-banging, go ahead and pick up this album, because it’s worth every penny that can be paid for it.

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The Bottom Line

While no Disciple album can be considered secular, Attack brings forth the message your soul wants to hear with lyrics about complete dedication to Jesus Christ.


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