Review: FlyLeaf (Self-Titled EP, 2004)

Modern Christian Rock as an industry has been polluted with half-secular music for far too long. While some bands and fans claim that this inundation spreads the Gospel, this trend also raises red flags among Christians because this concession tends to deliver weak and ambiguous messages—the meaning of some songs could be interpreted as being about a girl or about God. Amongst many others, FlyLeaf is a band that does not sink into secularity. Their lyrics have powerful and diverse meanings that all end up boldly pointing to Christ. However, unlike secular-Christian hybrid bands, they have not gained as much popularity as they could if they watered down the message. Still, it is better for them to please God than please people, and that’s a stand I am glad that they’ve taken. FlyLeaf (Self-Titled EP) is one of the first FlyLeaf records to ever be released, and it is a beautiful compilation of a few of the band’s early songs.

Let’s take a look at what the band’s EP has to offer. There are four tracks in total, those being:

“Red Sam”

“Breathe Today”

“I’m Sorry”


You’ll find each track has it’s own unique sound and message; there is no repetitiveness here. Topics range from worship to laying down your life for Christ. You’ll also find that there are 2 songs (“Breathe Today” and “I’m Sorry”) that have almost universal lyrics to fit your situation while they plainly point towards Jesus as the answer. While sometimes those songs can have a confusing meaning to someone who has not been in a particular circumstance, they could easily guide the right person to do what God wants them to do. Some examples of such an internal struggle = could be fear of being hated by God or serving under a leader who is not guided by God. These lyrics are in-your-face, passionate, and downright amazing, and so is the voice of Lacey Sturm, the band’s lead singer. Not only can she sing like no one else, but she can scream in such a unique and awesome way that displays her passion for the specific lyrics. You will definitely feel the presence of God in this EP. And if you’d like some examples of how passionate she is, check out this lyric clips:

Hands in the air / In the air / In the air / In the air / And I worship / And I worship / And I worship You” -“Red Sam”

Only / One Thing / Big enough to fill the void that’s inside of you / It’s just a breath away” – “Breathe Today”

Close my eyes and brace myself / I only noticed Your face / No matter what You’re gonna break my shell“-“I’m Sorry”

Do you believe in God / Written on that bullet / Say yes to pull the trigger” “I will die / I will say yes“-“Cassie”


FlyLeaf’s beginnings are an awesome thing to witness, from these original recordings to the newer big-studio releases. While I love the songs no matter their type —even acoustic versions, where applicable—I prefer the originals included on this EP over the revised versions included in a later album―also self-titled Flyleaf but not to be confused with this EP―as some lyrics that are present here were removed in the revised versions .

It’s a sad thing that Lacey is no longer FlyLeaf’s lead singer, but the albums she did sing in—collectively known as “Classic FlyLeaf”—still hold up very well, and I am definitely looking forward to Lacey’s new solo album. Whenever it may be released, I hope that the album is rooted in the original FlyLeaf sound and lyrics, as this EP is one of my favorite things to listen to in my collection of Christian Rock and Metal. If you can get a hold of this classic EP, do it, as you will not be sorry.

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The Bottom Line

FlyLeaf's self-titled EP deserves its spot right next to the main album in the record books.


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