Review: Poor Man’s Process

Poor Man's Process

Poor Man’s Process

Artist: Brian Wages
Label: Independent
Producer: Brian Wages
Genre: Worship
Brian Wages continues to push the envelope and disregard social norms with his release of Poor Man’s Process–a self-recorded, self-produced album exhibiting only Brian’s vocals and instrumentals. An accomplished artist, Brian is the Worship Pastor at Oakleaf Christian Fellowship in Jacksonville, Florida, and regularly performs at the Jacksonville House of Prayer. A bit of a local rock star, Brian produces artistically original and creative content for all to enjoy. Containing a variety of sounds and rhythms, this album doesn’t disappoint.

Content Guide

Poor Man’s Process, a worship album, promotes godly concepts of peace and joy. The album’s content is safe for the whole family’s listening pleasure.

Album Theme/Cover Art

This album has a powerful theme: it represents the common man, the man that walks the busy streets–often in discomfort–in order to reach his goals, despite his opposition. Poor Man’s Process’ cover features a man covering his ears as a megaphone is blasted in his face.


The album begins with an invitation to join the vocalist on a trip to paradise. This paradise is full of joy and peace, and it is left to the listener to understand just where this “land” or paradise is. As the album progresses, it becomes clear that Brian will continue to lead the listener to ask questions regarding their faith. Is this land he invites us to heaven, and is heaven a specific place or is heaven God’s presence (to name a few)?
A personal favorite track of mine “Is This Not the Christ” is included in the album, where Brian references scripture and speaks from the perspective of the blind man that Jesus healed and the woman at the well that He prophesied to. Brian, in that same song, references Psalms 24, where David makes a plea to have the gates of Jerusalem opened so that the Lord may enter, but perhaps the song also has a double meaning and is asking the listener to receive Christ.
Brian, throughout the entire album, shares testimonies, calls to action, and praises to God in different tones, ranging from upbeat to calm. The album ends with the track “Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing” and is a great example of Brian’s overall work. Calming and peaceful, it’s great to listen to during prayer or worship; most importantly, this track comes from a totally genuine and sincere heart.


Brian Wages’ Poor Man’s Process is a great addition to his collection of work. The fact that the album is self-recorded, self-directed, self-produced, and is totally comprised of Brian’s own vocals and instrumental play, make the album unique.  The genuine, raw emotion often on display in Brian’s work is a breath of fresh air. Poor Man’s Process is worth your time. 

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The Bottom Line

The genuine, raw emotion often on display in Brian's work is a breath of fresh air. Poor Man's Process is worth your time.


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