Review – MicroMacro: Crime City

By Stephen Hall | February 19, 2021

MicroMacro: Crime City is a game of visual sleuthing with a strong “Where’s Waldo?” vibe. Ready to take the case?

Review – Minari

By Tyler Hummel | February 18, 2021
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Minari may have a dream run when it comes to the awards season, even though the film itself tackles some of the harder questions about the pursuit of the American Dream.

Review – The Medium

By Andrew Feistner | February 17, 2021
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It all starts with a dead girl. It all starts with a girl running for her life in the woods. It all starts with Marianne telling a story. Content Guide Violence: Marianne does not perpetrate violent acts herself, but she sees visions of them and their bloody aftermath. There are references to a massacre at…

Review – Sator

By Juliana Purnell | February 16, 2021
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Sator blends real life footage with narrative storytelling to create a horror that is deeply personal to film director Jordan Graham. So what’s scarier? Nightmarish sequences or real life?

A lone robot surrounded by space and dust

Review – All Systems Red

By Mike Henry | February 16, 2021
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All Systems Red is a fantastic first entry into The Murderbot Diaries, a series with a light-hearted spin on common sci-fi themes.

Review – Beez

By Stephen Hall | February 15, 2021

Beez is a light family game of collecting nectar from flowers. Is it “buzz”-worthy?

Review: Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World: The Game Complete Edition

By Damien Chambers | February 15, 2021
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Scott Pilgrim: The Game Complete Edition brings its beloved beat em’ up action back for a new generation of gaming!

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