Review – Monster Camp

By Sydney Stoddard | April 28, 2021

Monster Camp is the sequel to the much-adored Monster Prom, a hilarious dating sim where the goal is to win your summer love’s heart before the meteor shower. You, and up to three friends, are given a few turns to grow your go on wild adventures to hopefully not get rejected by the monster of your choosing.

Review – The Game of Life 2

By Wesley Lantz | April 26, 2021
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The Game of Life 2 fails to build upon or add anything to a classic title, instead opting for superfluous DLC and an inflated price point, making for a final product that feels, ironically enough, lifeless and bland.

Review – The Father

By Tyler Hummel | April 24, 2021
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Nominated for 6 Oscars, The Father portrays a harrowing tale told from the perspective of an elderly man suffering from Alzheimer’s.

Video Games and Christianity

By Cody Massie | April 23, 2021

Come join us as Cody delves into some of the issues that may pop up as Christians enjoy the medium of video games!

Review – Chronicles of Faith: David the Shepherd

By Nathan Kiehn | April 20, 2021
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Ivan Anaya’s new biblical comic book series starts off promising with a look into the early years of shepherd-turned-king David.

Review – Double Kick Heroes

By Maurice Pogue | April 19, 2021
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Double Kick Heroes fashions itself as rhythm game with a heavy metal theme.

Review – Maharaja

By Stephen Hall | April 18, 2021

At long last, the classic Maharaja returns in an all-new version. How does this 2004 game hold up today?

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