Why the COD: Advanced Warfare Trailer Should Excite You

By Francis King Jr | May 19, 2014
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As a franchise, Call of Duty has been losing steam since the release of Modern Warfare 2. Each game seemed to be following a formula, a formula that was quickly becoming stale. Many would argue that the last innovative game to come out of the franchise was Call of Duty 4. I myself haven’t felt the need to buy a Call…

Retro Review: Shadowgate (NES)

By Steve Schoen | May 17, 2014
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Content Warning: Horror themes, descriptions of blood & gore, references to pagan lore, use of magical spells “The last thing that you remember is standing before the wizard Lakmir as he waved his hands. Now you find yourself staring at an entryway which lies at the edge of a forest.”

What Can Save the Wii U?

By Francis King Jr | May 16, 2014
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The Wii U has not been doing well. By all accounts, Nintendo’s attempt to recapture the lightning in a bottle that was the success of the Wii has fallen flat. Nintendo recently announced its third consecutive operating loss, coming in at $457 million. According to IGN, the Wii U sold 2.7 million units in the past…

Review: Tiny Brains

By Drew Koehler | May 16, 2014
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A mad scientist has been running experiments on animals to the point where they have gained special abilities. They are being forced through puzzles against their will. This game is a puzzler. You control 4 characters that have special abilities. Each character is essential in solving the puzzles.  One character can teleport, one can pull…

Review: Hearthstone

By Jonathan Klassen | May 15, 2014
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Developer: Blizzard Publisher: Blizzard Genre: Board Game ESRB: T Price: FTP Content Warning: Nothing to report here. Story: No story in this game. Gameplay: Hearthstone is a collectible card game like Magic: The Gathering.  I have never played Magic so I don’t know how much they are like each other, I have been told Hearthstone is…

Review: Final Fantasy X HD

By Thomas Martin | May 14, 2014

Content Warning: Violence (no blood), Mild Language Some content in this game is definitely not for kids, although teenagers should have no problems. There is some sexual content in the form of Lulu’s low-cut dress and a couple of minor characters’ outfits, however, no innuendos or dirty jokes. Mild swearing during intense moments, but it…

Retro Review: Final Fantasy (NES)

By Steve Schoen | May 11, 2014
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Content Warning: Fantasy Violence, use of magic   Story This screen grab just about sums it up. You take control of the Light Warriors, a group of fabled youths who are prophesied to bring peace back to a troubled land. In order to do this, you must defeat the Four Fiends and restore the light…

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