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An Introduction to Tabletop Gaming (a.k.a.–How I met my Wife)

By Chris Hecox | May 2, 2016

Introduction There are two qualifications for enjoying a board game. Qualification #1: You like to have fun. Qualification #2: You are a human being. Great. In a few sentences, we have destroyed the age-old stigma that board games are not for everyone. I love tabletop games. My addiction began in October 2014. I secretly listened…

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The Complete Hero Realms Buyer’s Guide

By Derek Thompson

Derek tells you which Hero Realms expansions to get, and in what order!

The Complete Terraforming Mars Buyer’s Guide

By Derek Thompson

Terraforming Mars is one of the highest-ranked board games of all time. But which expansions and accessories should you get? Derek has your answers!

The Complete Star Realms Buyer’s Guide

By Derek Thompson

(This guide was first posted in January 2017. Three years later, it really, really needed updated! Star Realms is still cranking out new content, and I’m here to help! This post is now current as of January 2020.)  You may have heard that I like Star Realms. Like, a lot. It’s fast, exciting, and inexpensive… sort…