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GenCon 2019: A Retrospect

By Chris Hecox | October 13, 2019

Chris takes a look back at GenCon 2019 and offers insight on how to enjoy GenCon to the fullest. Tabletop gaming has never been so big!

Improvising for Game Masters

By Andrew Borck | February 19, 2019

Game (or Dungeon) Mastering is not an easy job. Part storyteller, part thespian, part rules lawyer, and part cruise director, it’s the GM’s job to keep the players at the table engaged and having fun, which is no easy task. On occasion, even the best laid plans will go awry as the players decide to…

Preview: Monumental

By Andrew Borck | November 13, 2018

Designer: Matthew Dunstan Publisher: Funforge Category: 4x, Deck-building Player Count: 1-4 Price: ~$80 for the Core box (prices listed in British pounds) Preview Monumental is a currently-in-Kickstarter civilization game, where each player controls a unique civilization with different cards and powers at their control. Players will interact with the modular board, as well as their…

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The Complete 7 Wonders Buyer’s Guide

By Derek Thompson

Derek runs through all of the expansions and editions of 7 Wonders, letting you know which items to get when!

The Complete Hero Realms Buyer’s Guide

By Derek Thompson

Derek tells you which Hero Realms expansions to get, and in what order!

The Complete Terraforming Mars Buyer’s Guide

By Derek Thompson

Terraforming Mars is one of the highest-ranked board games of all time. But which expansions and accessories should you get? Derek has your answers!