Review: Kirby Battle Royale (3DS)

Developer: HAL Laboratory Publisher: Nintendo Genre: Brawler, Party, Mini Games, Platforms: 3DS Rating: E for Everyone Price: $39.99   Everyone’s favorite pink fluffy blob is back in an all new adventure. Kirby returns once more to what seems to be the latest trend of Kirby spinoffs. With the most recent Kirby game being Kirby’s Blowout…

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Review: Jackbox Party Pack 4 (Switch)

Developer: Jackbox Games Publisher: Jackbox Games Genre: Party Rating: T For Teen Price: $24.99 Are you a group of friends looking for something to play other than Monopoly? Do most party games you find on Pinterest bore everyone? Are the paper cuts from all the card games getting unbearable? Are you looking for something to make…

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Review: Codenames

Codenames board game

Designer: Vlaada Chvátil Publisher: Czech Games Edition (CGE) Category: Deduction, Party Game, Spies/Secret Agents, Word Game Board Game Geek Ranking: 17 Price: $15.48 Codenames pits two teams of spies against each other with hopes of being the first to decode the clues given by their spymaster. Using a grid of random words, each clue attempts to find…

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