5 Predictions for Ep. 4 of The Walking Dead

Last week we saw some pretty awesome developments as Rick rage-killed Gareth and others. By the way, “Tainted Meat!” is one of my favorite lines from the graphic novel series. Maggie and Glenn head off with Abraham and crew, and Daryl shows up at the church with ????.

So, here are some of my predictions for this week’s upcoming episode:

the-car-that-kidnapped-beth1. Episode 4 will be a complete telling of everything that has happened to Beth since she was taken. It will span from her initial capture, to the point that Daryl and Carol chase after the hearse they saw on the road.
morgan2. Carol is not with Daryl, as he is walking out of the woods talking with Michonne. Either we will see Beth with him, or Morgan. If it’s Beth, Carol was either captured during Beth’s escape or she traded herself in Beth’s place, knowing that Rick and crew will rescue her. If it’s Morgan, than Carol and Daryl may have taken him captive, not knowing that he knows Rick.
Glenn-Maggie-and-Abraham-the-walking-dead-37351024-500-4003. Glenn and Maggie will stay with Abraham and crew until they reach their next safe haven. There will be some sort of cliffhanger, possibly leading us to believe that Glenn and Maggie are missing and won’t reunite with Rick and crew until the end of the season or the beginning of the next season.
beth trapped4. Beth’s story will be short-lived. Most of the monumental “No way!” moments have not lasted much into the season thus far. Terminus was very short once it was revealed, as well as Rick and crew’s stay.
gabriel-coward-so-what-exactly-is-father-gabriel-s-dark-secret-on-the-walking-dead5. Father Gabriel will be reluctant to leave his church but will eventually come to the conclusion that he needs to stay with the group because he won’t survive on his own.

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