5 Theories for The Walking Dead Season Finale

As Rick and crew settle into their new home in Alexandria, things seem too good to be true. We are gearing up for a huge, 90-minute season finale this Sunday, and the interwebs are going crazy with speculation. Will they stay true to the comics or go a completely different route?
Here are 5 theories we here at Geeks Under Grace think will happen during the big finale.


5. Morgan will arrive during or shortly after a major battle the “Alexandrians” have. If you remember from the midseason finale, we caught a glimpse of Morgan following the route to Terminus. In the comics, Morgan’s character is with the group in Alexandria.


4. We will meet those who are cutting the “W” in the head of the walkers. As Daryl and Aaron are out scouting the surrounding area, they come across a group of folks who were brutal enough to murder a woman and tie her to a tree. We surmise that these are the “Wolves” teased about in a scene at Noah’s home. We also speculate that these people are the DC Scavengers of the comics, led by Derek. If this is the case, we will witness a fantastic battle between Alexandria and the Wolves/Scavengers.

wolves not far

3. Deanna is going to try and exile Rick, with the drama from last episode where Rick beat Pete to a pulp carrying into the finale. When Rick is about to receive his sentence, the Wolves will attack, causing Rick to bring everyone together to defeat them.


2. Rick will be given the charge over Alexandria. Upon completion of the battle, Deanna will realize she cannot lead Alexandria and keep them safe. She or her husband (depending on who survives) will tell Rick they want him in charge.


1. Carl is going to be shot, either by accident or on purpose, in the attack. We also believe Abraham is going to die. These theories come straight from the comic book storyline, but don’t be surprised. What better way to end a season, seeing Carl shot and not knowing if he survives (Spoiler: he does). ¬†Additional note: Pete won’t be killed off just yet. Though Rick wants to kill him, he will need Pete alive to heal Carl.


What are your predictions for The Walking Dead? Leave them in the comments below!

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  1. Lari Burkhart on March 25, 2015 at 12:50 pm

    It’s the finale, so we know people will die. Personally, I’m hoping for Carol but not necessarily expecting it. I think her character has gotten to a place where she needs to go and that would change the group dynamic in ways that would make it more stable in the long run.

    I also think that Rick’s potential exile will divide the group with some being willing to stay in Alexandria for safety and others being unwilling to let him leave alone. In the long run, this will determine who Rick will continue to trust and who he starts to see through his paranoia-goggles.

    Whatever happens, it’s going to be a great episode!

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