Legend of Korra Season 3 Starts Strong

The new season of The Legend of Korra started on Friday night with a solid hour and a half of Avatar animation. We left out heroes last season with the Spirit and Human worlds merged into one. Happily ever after, right? If it were that simple, there would be no need for this season.

The spirits and the humans are having a hard time adjusting to living in the same world again after many centuries of being apart. The changes have some worried and everyone blames the Avatar for the problems.

To top it off, a small group of previously non-benders around the world are developing air bending, an art thought to only exist in a few remaining people.

Essentially, these episodes boil down to Korra and “Team Avatar” beginning their quest to find and gather the new air benders to try and revive the dead Air Nation. Typical to the series, hilarity ensues as Korra and the others discover the difficulty in convincing these new benders to shave their hair, tattoo their skin, and leave all worldly possessions behind.

The villains in this new season are introduced through a series of prison breaks. While we are given little information as to who these villains are, it is made clear that they are dangerous. Their leader, already dangerous as a non-bender, develops air bending thanks to the new changes occurring in the world. They each have mastery over one of the four elements. This mastery is put on display in the amazing prison break fighting sequences across the episodes.

The introduction of these new baddies are enough to alert one of the characters from the original Last Airbender series: Firelord Zuko! Zuko has aged 70 years since we last saw him, so his physical appearance is more like that of his Uncle Iro, but he still has that distinct scar on his face. It will be interesting to see in future episodes what connection Zuko has to these prisoners being guarded by the White Lotus.

The first set of episodes this season does a good job of hooking the viewer, introducing new and old characters alike, and building up anticipation for the next episode.

You can catch The Legend of Korra on Nick, Friday nights at 7 pm.

Thomas Martin

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