Review: Gotham, Episode 18 – “Everyone Has a Cobblepot”

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Sex & Nudity – Like “Red Hood,” “Everyone Has a Cobblepot” enjoys an absence of sexual content.
Violence & Gore – “Everyone Has a Cobblepot” contains the standard gun fights common to the series. One scene shows a character shoot an elder person point-blank with a shot gun.
Profanity –  Less than five expletives are present in “Everyone Has a Cobblepot”: one B**** and two D*****’s.
Drinking and drug use – “Everyone Has a Cobblepot” also has a distinctive absence of alcohol and drug use. Two scenes include Oswald Cobblepot showing off a rare and expensive liquor.
 3-8-15 FM
I’ve gone through great links to meet you, doctor” Fish Mooney


“Everyone Has a Cobblepot” starts with the young Bruce Wayne sitting next to the hospitalized Alfred Pennyworth. Detective Jim Gordon comes in, offers Bruce some hospital food, and asks if either Alfred or Bruce can identify Pennyworth’s assailant. When Jim Gordon leaves, Bruce asks why Alfred refused to name his friend, Reginald Payne, and the butler explains that he will be the one to sort him out. When Alfred tries to get out of the bed he reveals just how weak he is. After nearly collapsing, the Butler is ordered back into bed to rest.
Fish Mooney wakes up in a different setting than the prison she has been in for some time. Fish is in a hospital and the doctor is there when she stirs. The doctor, a Francis Dulmacher, asks Fish what he should do with her. Fish counters that he should actually hire her for her abilities. Doctor Dulmacher leaves Fish to recover after apologizing for not being able to match her eye color perfectly. Fish undresses her bandages over her eye to reveal a bright blue eye replacing her brown one.
At the GCPD, Captain Sarah Essen and District Attorney Harvey Dent explain to Detective Jim Gordon that Arnold Flass has been set free. Commissioner Loeb had the case thrown out with new evidence. While leaving the precinct to confront Loeb, Jim Gordon runs into Arnold Flass who brags about being untouchable. At the Commissioner’s office Jim Gordon demands that Flass is guilty and couldn’t possibly be innocent but Loeb shows him a video of his partner, Detective Harvey Bullock, admitting to falsifying evidence against Arnold Flass. Back at the GCPD precinct, Jim Gordon confronts Bullock. Bullock admits that Loeb has evidence on him killing a mobster and that he had no choice. Detective Jim Gordon decides to go after Commissioner Loeb despite Harvey Bullock’s protests. Edward Nygma approaches Kris Kringle in the precinct and reveals that Arnold Flass has been set free. Nygma asks Kringle to not go back to Flass, claiming he is a bad, bad man. Kris assures Edward Nymga that she has found a love interest far better than Flass.
3-8-15 AF
“Jimbo! You hear the good news?” Arnold Flass
At a unnamed diner, Detective Jim Gordon and DA Harvey Dent try to figure out a way to put Arnold Flass away again, whether it means going around Commissioner Loeb and his secrets on so many GCPD police officer’s or taking Loeb down as well. Dent has an idea and later leads another detective, Charley Griggs, to the GCPD where he and Jim Gordon question the detective on evidence against Loeb, specifically his secret files. Griggs mentions in a sideways glance that while he doesn’t have any information on Loeb, and if he did it’d be with Xi Lu, a Chinese bookkeeper. Harvey Dent asks Jim about bringing in Harvey Bullock but Gordon is still weary of his partner and decides to visit Xi Lu’s with only Dent.
At Doctor Dulmacher’s hospital Fish is introduced to a patient of the demented docs. The two discuss Dulmacher’s need for the prisoners he keeps in the basement. The doctor questions why he shouldn’t just kill Fish Mooney and re-takeover his basement prison. Fish assures Dulmacher that she can help him and he accepts, giving Fish Mooney a test. When she asks what will happen if she fails the test, Dulmacher shows her his former manager, now Frankenstein-ed into a woman/man monster.
Selina Kyle visits Bruce Wayne at Alfred’s bedside, and offers her condolences in the form of a hug. Bruce explains what happened to “Cat”and why. Bruce is sure he can track down Reginald Payne and find out what he told the corrupt board members of Wayne Enterprise. When Selina offers to help, Bruce refuses, not wanting to endanger more people close to him.
Detective Jim Gordon and Harvey Dent visit Xi Lu, the bookkeeper that Commissioner Loeb’s old partner turned them to. Xi Lu is a trap however, setting a room full of ostensible accountants on the two. The accountants, wielding various sized knifes almost catch Dent and Gordon when Harvey Bullock busts in and saves them. Bullock decides that Charley Griggs, Commissioner Loeb’s old partner, will only set them up more if they don’t scare a good source out of him. Bullock dismisses Dent, saying that what they have to do next is something the District Attorney won’t want to be a part of. In the next scene, Harvey’s car is shown speeding down a road with Bullock holding Grigg’s head out of the rear passenger door while Gordon drives. Griggs reveals the only name he has, Carmine Falcone. When Harvey Bullock and Jim Gordon let Charley Griggs go, he lets them know that they won’t survive going against Loeb and Falcone. After Griggs is gone, Gordon mentions someone he knows that might help them get to Loeb.
Detectives Jim Gordon and Harvey Bullock visit Oswald Cobblepot, the Penguin, in his club. Cobblepot helps the two detectives in return for a future favor from Jim Gordon and five minutes with Commissioner Loeb’s secret files.
In Doctor Dulmacher’s basement prison,the prisoners begin to get restless thinking she abandoned them. Fish Mooney makes the prisoners release the guard they captured in “The Blind Fortune Teller” and then takes three prisoners as well. Fish reassures the other prisoners she is still doing all she can to free them.
3-8-15 ML
He looks just like a bird. Oh I love birds!Miriam Loeb
Detectives Jim Gordon and Harvey Bullock, along with the Penguin, arrive at a farmhouse far away from Gotham. Bullock mentions his hesitation but Oswald Cobblepot is adamant that the farmhouse is where Commissioner Loeb keeps his secret files. An old man approaches the vehicle outside and invites the three in after Cobblepot explains that they are there on behalf of Loeb. Inside an older couple, Marge and Jude, visit with the three guests. Jude explains that Marge used to work in Arkham years ago before the two moved out onto the farm for Carmine Falcone. Marge is less hospitable than Jude and questions why they’ve never seen the three before or had warning that they were coming out. Bullock and Gordon show their ID and the Penguin claims to be an undercover officer, which appears to satiate Jude’s curiosity but not Marge’s. After a very awkward time Jude, asks Marge to fetch the keys in order to show the three around, apparently a codeword to attack as the elder woman returns with a shotgun and the elder man draws a revolver. Bullock shoots Jude, but doesn’t kill him. Right as Marge gets the drop on Cobblepot, Gordon surprises her and she falls over knocking herself out. Jim gives Cobblepot the shotgun Marge had and he and Bullock search the house. What they find in lieu of hidden files is a delusional young woman who claims to be Commissioner Loeb’s daughter.
When Edward Nygma works up the nerve to approach Kris Kringle with flowers, he learns that the other man is another GCPD officer. The officer, Tom Dougherty, likes riddles as well and tries to puzzle Nygma. When the two leave Edward, Tom promises to stump him next time.
At the farmhouse, Miriam Loeb shows the detectives jewelry she’s made from the bones of birds. Jim Gordon deduces that Miriam killed her mother and that Commissioner Loeb has hidden his daughter to keep her from being imprisoned, or worse, sent to Arkham. Gordon asks Miriam about her mother and the deranged woman admits murdering her mother and her father’s cover-up. Before the two can discover more, a sound from downstairs sends them back to Cobblepot. Oswald explains that the elder couple, Jude and Marge, escaped. When the Penguin asks to see Loeb’s files, Miriam steps out and introduces herself.
3-8-15 JG L
With the coming election for president of the policeman’s union, there’s no man I’d rather supportCommissioner Loeb
Detective Jim Gordon visits Police Commissioner Loeb again, this time presenting Loeb with one of the necklaces Loeb’s daughter made. Loeb starts making excuses for her, but ultimately agrees to do Jim Gordon’s biding in return for Gordon keeping Miriam a secret. Loeb offers to resign, but Jim decides he’d rather keep Loeb and have him give Harvey Bullock’s evidence back as well as have Arnold Flass prosecuted. Loeb agrees giving up Harvey Bullock’s info, and supports Gordon for president of the GCPD policeman’s union. Loeb and Jim Gordon announce the support to the precinct, and Gordon gives Harvey Bullock the incriminating evidence Loeb had back. Bullock warns Gordon about Penguin having a favor earned.
At Oswald’s, the Penguin’s club, Cobblepot explains to the elder couple that only one can get away free from Commissioner Loeb and Carmine Falcone. The Penguin lets the two fight it out and while Jude ensures that the two are loyal to each other, Margie attacks Jude and kills him. When Margie asks about the ticket to freedom Oswald Cobblepot promised, the Penguin turns on her and kills her as well.
At Doctor Dulmacher’s, hospital Fish Mooney approaches the doctor. Dulmacher is pleased with her work and invites her to “upper management.” Doctor Dulmacher offers to show Fish the view, revealing that there is no way that Fish and the other prisoners can escape as they are all on a small island in a harsh sea.
3-8-15 FM2
“You see why I can trust you? Why I’m not worried about you betraying me and escaping?” Doctor Dulmacher


“Everyone Has a Cobblepot” is middle-of-the-road as far as episodes go. There is nothing fantastically good or bad about the episode. Seeing Arnold Flass set free after Jim Gordon goes through so much trouble to have him put away might be frustrating to viewers new to the Batman universe but for veteran fans it’s par the course. Having Harvey Bullock be the cop that frees Flass definitely puts a strain on Bullock’s and Gordon’s relationship. It will be interesting to see how the writers use that in the future. My biggiest complaint with “Everyone Has a Cobblepot” is Commissioner Loeb. Written much like Barbara Kean, Gotham’s top cop appears to be written with nothing more than enough to be Gordon’s nemesis. Sure his daughter killed his wife and he hides her away so that she avoid an ill fate in Arkham Asylum, but the Commissioner has no other traits or quarks. Gotham has so many brilliant characters, both in writing and in portrayal by talented actors that flimsily written characters stand out. The writers need to focus on this in the future. Bruce vowing to not let anyone else get hurt on his behalf is amusing, as making that promise again and again and dealing with the ramifications of its impossibility is part of what makes Batman interesting. Seeing that aspect of the character in his youth is fascinating and sad. I personally loved Doctor Dulmacher’s reveal at the end of the episode, showing the always cunningly optimistic Fish Mooney she’s trapped. Knowing that Jada Pinkett Smith will not be returning for next season, and that there are only four episodes left of season one of Gotham, speculation on what the Dollmaker does to Fish “(blue) Eye” Mooney is rampant. I’m sad to see her go, but excited to see how she will leave as a farewell from Gotham is guaranteed to be thrilling. There’s a bit of a break until the final four episodes. For me they can’t come soon enough!
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