Review: The Jim Gaffigan Show – Red Velvet If You Please

After an incredibly positive response to the premiere episode of The Jim Gaffigan Show, the series returned for the second week and continued to offer a lot of laughs. This time, however, there were some minor problems that made the show seem a bit disjointed and made me wonder how long the magic will last.

Episode Recap

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Returning from Las Vegas, Jim has to break some horrible news to his wife. While there, he encountered a beautiful, luscious, tantalizing…cake. Not just any cake – a red velvet cake that managed to tempt him beyond his endurance.  After a discussion with his wife about his lack of self-control, he promises to do better and control his junk food cravings.


His will-power is soon tested when he takes his daughter to a birthday party.  The cake, of course, is a red velvet cake and Gaffigan turns to his best friend for moral support. Unfortunately, Dave is hungover from the night before and decides to take a nap, leading the other party-goers to mistake him for a homeless man.  This leaves Jim to endure the pang of his cravings by himself.

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After a few embarrassing encounters, in which he manages to offend a remarkable number of people, Jim manages to refrain from devouring the cake… well, mostly. He returns home to find his wife waiting for him after a phone call from their priest and finally admits that he may have a problem with overeating. Of course, he also has a few other details about his trip that he may have left out as well.

Episode Review

After the first episode, I was eager to watch the second installment of this new series, but I have to admit it left me a little disappointed. Yes, it was funny, but it also seemed disjointed and more along the lines of a skit than a sitcom.  This could be , however, because the episodes appear to be shown out of order (“Red Velvet” is episode 109). Now don’t get me wrong, I’ll continue to watch because Gaffigan continues to be hilarious and I can relate in uncomfortable ways to his love affair with sweets, but I’ll do so hoping to get more than this episode offered.
I’m also hoping that the supporting cast will be fleshed out more in future episodes. In this episode particularly, Gaffigan’s friends seem oddly placed even while they offer funny moments. Dave (Adam Goldberg) and Daniel (Michael Ian Black) are both incredibly funny in their own right,and seeing more of them could only enhance the show.
The negatives aside, this show is still something I would recommend watching. Whether he is trying to talk his daughter out of going to the party or showing his talent for saying the worst possible thing at the worst possible time, the show is funny throughout the entire episode. Gaffigan is still poking fun at himself and, if you’re anything like me, you will find yourself relating to Gaffigan’s embarrassing blunders more than you would like to admit.

Content Warning

Language – There is only one use of a curse (a**), but there is some discussion of sex when Dave is trying to discern if he could hook up with any of the moms at the birthday party.
Sexual Content – Dave discusses the attractiveness of the women at the birthday party and what he would like to do with them. Daniel is openly gay and discussing a man he just met.
Drug/Alcohol Use – There are no drugs or alcohol shown in the show, but Dave is hungover and there is some discussion of how he got that way.
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The Bottom Line


The Jim Gaffigan Show continues to be endearingly funny even while it suffers through some growing pains.



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