Review: The Walking Dead, Season 5, Episode 14 – “Spend”

Last week’s episode of The Walking Dead was pretty slow, so I guess I should have been ready for an action-packed hour this week.
I wasn’t.
I am now sitting here, writing this review and wondering why I continue to traumatize myself week after week with this show. The answer? It’s too good to walk away! So, let’s get started and talk about some of the highlights from “Spend.”

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Last week, Carol had a tender moment with a small child where she threatened to tie him to a tree outside the walls while he was sleeping. While most kids would either run and tell their parents or become very good at avoiding the crazy cookie lady, Sam has instead decided to make Carol his new best friend. In-between telling him to get out and baking him cookies, Carol hears enough to discover that Sam’s home life isn’t as happy as it would seem. Of course, with her history, it doesn’t take Carol long to go to Rick with the only possible solution: “I know how this is gonna go with Pete. There’s only one way it can go. You’re gonna have to kill him.” Looks like they might need those guns they stole sooner than they thought.

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While Rick and Carol are plotting the demise of the unsuspecting Pete, Abraham takes up construction with a group of Alexandria natives. Everything seems to be going smoothly until a herd of walkers emerges from the woods to see what’s for dinner. It quickly becomes apparent that the Alexandria crew are totally unprepared for combat and that Abraham will have to play the hero if everyone is going to get out alive. After taking a moment for some light breathing exercises, he lets loose some pretty sweet combat moves with what appears to be a ball and chain. Thanks to Abraham, everyone lives, and he now gets to wear the foreman’s hat.


That thing I just said about everyone getting to live?
That’s a joke. 
By now, we’ve come to expect a heart-wrenching death at least every third episode, so we were definitely due this week. Since part of the power grid is down, Glen, Noah, Tara, and Eugene team up with Aiden and Nicholas to go on a run for parts. Everything is going as smoothly as it can with dead people walking around, and they even manage to find the parts they were looking for until a trigger-happy Aiden manages to blow up a walker and everything goes really bad, really fast.

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Aiden has been impaled on several conveniently placed pointy things, and Tara has been knocked unconscious and needs immediate medical attention. On top of all that, a cage full of walkers is blown open, leaving them free to mingle with the living. The group finds temporary refuge in an office, but while they are trying to come up with a game plan, they realize that Aiden is still alive. With Aiden’s best friend, Nicholas, voting that they leave him and make a run for it, Glen decides a rescue is in order.

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Long story short, Nicholas boldly runs away and Aiden still dies horribly. Nicholas then manages to foul up the situation even further and gets Noah killed just as horribly, despite the valiant efforts of Glen and Eugene. Glen catches up to him just as he is about to leave everyone behind, and you can bet there will be a reckoning in the very near future.
The episode wraps up with one more blow, as Father Gabriel sells out the group by telling Deanna that she never should have let Rick and the gang through the gates because they are bad people who have done awful things. It’s just one more reason to despise the man, and I can only assume everyone is hoping he will become some walker’s midnight snack as soon as possible.
This episode seems like the beginning of the end for our friends and their stay in Alexandria, but I think we should count on losing more of the group before they make it out. With only 2 episodes left until the season finale, whatever comes next is sure to leave us counting the Sunday’s until the fall premiere of season 6.

Content Warning

Language – (d**k, a**, s***, b******, d**n) The language is scattered throughout the episode and occurs around 10 times in all. “God” is used in several instances as either slang or a curse. There is a veiled discussion of domestic violence, which ends in one character urging another to kill the abusive husband.
Violence – There are two very gruesome deaths in this episode. I’m not going into details, but if you have a weak stomach you will want to avoid the death scenes. I have seen horror movies that had a lot less gore than those two scenes combined.
Drugs/Alcohol – Pete shows up at Rick’s house and offers him a beer while he is clearly drunk.

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The Bottom Line

Another episode designed to leave fans quietly sobbing in a corner, but still counting the days until the next one.



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