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May is the month for finales. It’s when we say goodbye to all the characters and stories that kept us company over the fall and winter months and settle in to wait on their return when fall comes again. Fortunately, the networks understand: they have designed a summer lineup full of new characters to love and hate, and June is when most of them get to come out and play. So, without further ado, here’s some of what we have to look forward to this June!

June 1st – 6th

So You TSo You Think You Can Dancehink You Can Dance – June 1st, FOX, 8:00 EST
Going into its 12th season, this is one of my favorite shows out there. Featuring teams of dancers and amazing choreography, this is a show that celebrates the talent and creativity of the participants and offers some great music to go along with it. If you’ve never seen this show, I recommend giving it a try, and if you have seen it, stick around because it’s introducing some new judges and a new format this season that should be interesting.


The WhispersThe Whispers – June 1st, ABC, 10:00 EST
What if your children’s imaginary friends aren’t imaginary after all? Starring American Horror Story’s Lily Rabe, it’s a fair assumption that the show will feature something haunting children and making them do unspeakable things. After the premiere, however, it appears that aliens may be what is behind the strange happenings. It’s still too soon to tell, but with Steven Spielberg on the team of producers, I’m willing to give this one a chance.



StitchersStitchers – June 2nd, ABC Family, 9:00 EST
Kirsten Clark has a unique job. Thanks to a super-secret government division, she is “stitched” into the minds of the recently deceased to relive their memories and find out what happened in their final moments. The show has an interesting premise and it could really go either way between crime drama and conspiracy thriller.



HannibalHannibal, Season 3 – June 4th, NBC, 10:00 EST
Psychiatrist Hannibal Lecter works with Will Graham to solve crime and catch psychopaths. Unfortunately, Lecter is also a bit of a psychopath himself and it’s getting harder and harder to hide. Of course, after the season 2 finale, things are going to have to change, and it is literally up in the air as to how everything will work out. Past seasons can be viewed on Amazon Instant Video.



Sense 8Sense 8 – Netflix
Written by the creators of The Matrix, this Netflix original series revolves around eight people from all over the world who have suddenly become linked emotionally and mentally. While some view this as a miracle and attempt to unite the eight, others are hunting them and trying to keep them apart. While it seems like a lot of ground to cover, each episode will focus on one of the eight, which should help us keep everything straight.



June 7th – 13th

DefianceDefiance Season 3 – June 12th, SyFy, 8:00 EST
It’s the 21st century and humans and aliens are coexisting, or at least trying to. Season 3 will continue to feature familiar heroes, but be prepared to meet a new villain or two along the way. For anyone who isn’t familiar with the show, the really cool thing about it is that there’s a game to go with it that is actually interactive in some ways with the series. Pretty cool stuff! Past seasons of Defiance can be seen on Amazon Instant Video and SyFy.com.



Dark MatterDark Matter – June 12th, SyFy, 10:00 EST
What do you get when you have 6 amnesiacs and a spaceship? A SyFy original series, obviously. Throw in an android and the writers from Stargate and you’ve also got me sitting on the couch anxiously awaiting this premiere! While a SyFy series can be either really good or really bad, I’m hoping this one is as fun as it sounds.



Jonathan StrangeJonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell – June 13th, BBC, 10:00 EST
Based on the best-selling book by the same title, Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell is BBC’s latest offering and it already looks like a keeper. Based around the titular characters, Mr. Norrell is determined to make magic respectable once more while Jonathan Strange wants the power without having to bother with studying the art of magic. Fans of the book will want to be sure to tune in for this one!



June 14th – 20th

ProofProof – June 16th, TNT, 10:00 EST
What happens when we die? Is there life after death? After suffering several personal tragedies, Dr. Carolyn Tyler is approached by a wealthy inventor and asked to answer these questions. Researching near-death experiences, hauntings, and other death-related phenomena, Tyler attempts to discover what, if anything, lies beyond this life. While the premise of the show seems to be leaving Christianity out of the mix, it should offer some interesting talking points regarding what lies on the other side.


KilljoysKilljoys – June 19th, SyFy, 9:00 EST
Joining with the producers of Orphan Black, SyFy is giving us interstellar bounty hunters in their 3rd summer premiere. In fact, it’s giving us a trio of delightfully snarky and morally ambiguous bounty hunters who are set on getting the job done. The fact that Aaron Ashmore will be playing one of those bounty hunters is just icing on the proverbial cake. Personally, I’m betting on this one being fantastic.



June 21st – 27th

BattleBotsBattleBots – June 21st, ABC, 9:00 EST
Robots battling to the death. That’s it. Each week will feature a new face off between two robotic creations. If you loved Sheldon and Kripke’s robotic battle in The Big Bang Theory, then tune into BattleBots and get your fill of mechanical mayhem.




The Last ShipThe Last Ship Season 2 – June 21st, TNT, 9:00 EST
In the second season of The Last Ship, the crew of the Nathan James is still trying to save the world from the pandemic that nearly destroyed it.  The question is: what will they find now that they’ve got a cure and are returning to land? My guess is crazy people and a lot of death, but we’ll just have to watch and see. Season 1 can be viewed on Hulu.



First PeopleFirst Peoples – June 24th, PBS, 9:00 EST
Billed as a genetic detective story, this PBS series investigates the roots of humanity through science and anthropology. Beginning with the Americas, the show will investigate the origins of man, continent by continent, in an attempt to better understand mankind’s history. Viewers should be aware that the show will do so with no indication that Creation is even a possibility.



Mr RobotMr. Robot – June 24th, USA, 10:00 EST
Conspiracy, anarchy, and hackers, oh my! Mr. Robot is the USA-original series that follows a young, anti-social hacker, Elliot, as he connects with an anarchist who wants him to destroy the company he is employed to protect. Considering his conviction that corporations are ruining the world, will Elliot be able to say no?



Under the DomeUnder the Dome Season 3 – June 25th, CBS, 9:00 EST
Based on the Stephen King novel by the same name, Under the Dome follows the story of a small town that has been cut off from the rest of the world by a large force-field-like dome. The residents must now work together to discover what is happening and how to free themselves from whatever is keeping them prisoner. Previous seasons can be viewed on Amazon Instant Video.



June 28th – 30th

Falling SkiesFalling Skies Season 5 – June 28th, TNT, 10:00 EST
In the final season of Falling Skies, questions will be answered and, hopefully, Tom Mason will finally find some peace. Either way, the war will soon be over and either side could be victorious. Previous seasons can be viewed on Amazon Instant Video.




HumansHumans – June 28th, AMC, 9:00 EST
Anyone who has seen any show featuring artificial intelligence knows it’s not going to turn out well for the humans. In the world of Humans, everyone who is anyone owns a “synth,” and it looks like the humans are about to find out exactly how intelligent AI can be. Since this is another original series from AMC, I have very high hopes for this show.


ZooZoo – June 30th, CBS, 9:00 EST
What would happen if animals decided it was time to take back the earth? Based on the James Patterson novel, Zoo explores the idea that humans may not be at the top of the food chain after all. In fact, our existence may be hanging in the balance more than we ever thought.




ScreamScream – June 30th, MTV, 10:00 EST
Based on the hit trilogy, Scream will try to take the slasher film genre into the television series world. After a YouTube video goes viral, people start dying, and the town of Lakewood is going to have to air out some dirty laundry in order to stop it. Viewers should be aware that there is a strong probability of violence, strong language, and sexual content in this show.



Well, that’s some of the new shows we have to look forward to this June. Are you looking forward to any of them or did I miss something you’re hoping to see? Let me know in the comments!

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A life-long book addict, I spend most of my time trying to find a way to avoid reality through sci-fi and fantasy. I've been a Christian for quite some time (no numbers, please) and I'm always ready for a discussion about how fiction mirrors the Bible and its principles even when it's trying not to.

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